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We are currently looking for farm team members for the 2014 season.

While everyone does a little of everything on our diversified farm, this position is mainly responsible for all aspects of Peach Crest Farm’s vegetable and fruit production from seed start to harvest. This includes bed preparation, seed planting, transplanting, weeding, harvest.


  • Familiarity and compliance with all safety, cleaning and regulatory requirements (including Good Agricultural Practices (GAPs) and food safety requirements) for our farming operation.
  • Clear record keeping in accordance to farm manager specifications.
  • Advising farm managers about any issues with the fields, crops, equipment or animals in a timely way.
  • Helping to develop and improve systems to make the operation run more effectively.

The position will be 40 plus hours per week. Pay will be dependent on experience.

Professional experience on a farm is desired.

Physical Demands
This position is physically demanding and requires strength and the ability to climb, crouch, lift and carry a minimum of 30 lbs.

Onsite housing is available for rent.

To Apply
Please consider carefully if this position is a good fit for you. Farming is hard work and requires meticulous attention to detail, stamina and complete reliability. We also spend time training and helping our staff become a strong team. We want people who will stick with us. After careful consideration if the position is a good fit, please answer the application questions in the body of an email and send to No attachments please.

We plan to hire someone in the next six weeks. We will review applicant information and contact those that meet our requirements. We will only respond to those who submit complete applications. For those that do, we will let you know if we’d like to do a phone interview. For those that seem like good candidates, we will also arrange an in-person interview.


  1. What is your contact information and the best way to reach you?
  2. Where are you currently living?
  3. Why do you want to work on a farm?
  4. What makes you suitable for this position?
  5. What are your long-term goals?
  6. How long would you like to work at our farm?
  7. What were your last 4 jobs, dates of employment, why you took the job, what you contributed and gained while there and the circumstances and why you left?
  8. Do you want to live in our onsite housing and do you have any extenuating needs related to housing? More than one car? A pet? A family?
  9. What are your skills and experience related to meticulous attention to detail?
  10. What are your skills and experience related to strong organization?
  11. What are your skills and experience related to repair and maintenance?
  12. What are your skills and experience related to hard work?
  13. What makes you a good leader and/or team member?


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