peach crest farm in stratford, oklahoma

About Us

Peach Crest Farm is dedicated to organic, sustainable farming.

Peach Crest Farm located in Stratford, Oklahoma is a USDA certified organic farm with 330 acres of vegetable, fruit and herb production. Peach Crest Farm is currently supplying fresh produce to multiple school systems across Oklahoma through the Farm to School program. Peach Crest is also supplying fresh and local produce to Oklahomans through the Oklahoma Food Cooperative, as well as several grocery stores and chains which can be found here.

Peach Crest is committed to developing and maintaining the earth while producing nutritious and safe food in a profitable way.


10219 U.S. Highway 177
Stratford, OK 74872
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  1. Gary D. Hendrick

    I enjoyed our conversation and chance to learn more about what you do. My cell phone number is (918) 697-2520. Please call me if there are any questions or concerns about the Battle Buddies Program.


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